Significant Insignificances

  • Autodriver who drops you at your doorstep
  • Street corner shop keeper
  • Waiter at the restaurant frequented by you
  • Call from a service provider
  • A pretty girl in the train compartment


Many such insignificances / interactions with insignificant people occur in our lives


These insignificances fill the  voids (silences)  in life that occur in between big events

These may be mere dots in vast expanses of  void spaces in life but these are significant

All these people are our contemporaries in living. Our lives collide with each other impacting each others lives.


As life progresses with time  we swim in unchartered waters were we meet a lot of insignificant people out of which few become significant and impact our lifes.

Some insignificant events stand the test of time and become significant. A significant end result is obtained because of few insignificances, which are in turn significant.


These are significantly insignificant confusions that arise within me.


~ by Prasanna Sekar on October 27, 2009.

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