Significant Insignificances

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  • Autodriver who drops you at your doorstep
  • Street corner shop keeper
  • Waiter at the restaurant frequented by you
  • Call from a service provider
  • A pretty girl in the train compartment


Many such insignificances / interactions with insignificant people occur in our lives


These insignificances fill the  voids (silences)  in life that occur in between big events

These may be mere dots in vast expanses of  void spaces in life but these are significant

All these people are our contemporaries in living. Our lives collide with each other impacting each others lives.


As life progresses with time  we swim in unchartered waters were we meet a lot of insignificant people out of which few become significant and impact our lifes.

Some insignificant events stand the test of time and become significant. A significant end result is obtained because of few insignificances, which are in turn significant.


These are significantly insignificant confusions that arise within me.


Dudhsagar – Heaven’s Spray

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August 2008 :- Flashback 1

Last year i was lucky to witness one of the spectacles of nature.  Dudhsagar was flooding. The mist gave it a magical touch. It was as if the water was falling into the clouds.The railway bridge was barely visible. I knew that i will never witness that spectacle in my life.



August 2009 :- Flashback 2

People who had come for Dudhsagar I, were planning for Dudhsagar II. I was a bit sceptical whether to go for it or not.My sinusitis is like a nagging wife who never lets you  do anything  valuable in life(have done around 10 treks with this). But i divorced my sinusitis and decided to go for it.

14th August 2009

Boarded the Chennai – Vasco (7311) express at Banaswadi station with Peter and Madhu K and some hijras. Masked men and woman (because of the media sponsored swine flu promotion) were moving around like puppets in Yeshwantpur railhead. Madhukar,Bishu , jaggu and some unknown people were waiting, with all trekking stuff and MTR ready to eat cartons.The train spitting out diesel induced smoke chugged out of the station at 9.45 pm.

As it always happens, i was not able to sleep.I was waiting for Tumkur station to enter the trains path.Idly served in plantain leaves tastes great here.I grabbed two of it with my foodie partner Madhu K.

“Train journeys are always romantic- the constant vibrations set to the tune of the engine’s roar.”

15th August 2009

Reached Hubli at around 6.15 am ,  could hear the Hubli accented Kannada. After Hubli the landscape changes dramatically.It is greener than the green of the parakeet’s feather.Belgaum district is know for its monsoon greenery.I sat at the compartment  door  taking in the feast unfolding before my eyes.

  • The terrace farming induced paddy fields
  • Small  patches of forest
  • Overflowing rivers
  • Wetness everywhere
  • Red Earth


Then came Londa. The VADA PAV town, i tasted my first vada pav here last year.Off course i ran out to grab some vada pavs.We reached Castle rock at  around 9.30 am. This is the last station before the train climbs the Braganza Ghat section.Three engines haul the train through the ghat section.If its a goods train it is five engines.These engines are attached at Londa.I scrambled to catch hold of the door to get a view of Dudhsagar and to allow the droplets of the mist to kiss my wordly skin.Madhukar  joined me at the door. Last year we had trekked from Castle rock to Dudhsagar


Familiar  views greeted us

  • The falls inside the Moss covered arch
  • Mist covered pointed cliffs
  • Tiny picture postcard falls
  • The falls before which we took a group snap
  • Then came the bridge after the tunnel.I was almost hanging out to check the depth. Oooops

“I just wanted to jump off the metal box pulled by mechanical demons and plunge into the Eternal innocence of nature”

  • The moss covered fairy tale old Dudhsagar station sticking to the last tunnel before the mighty Dudhsagar unveils itself.

The train plunged into the unevil darkness of the tunnel and came out of it with a inflated ego.The train took a turn and there she was the wailing widow.The sounds of the egoistic engine’s pistons were submerged by the roar of Dudhsagar.It was not full ,  only about 70% of water was flowing through. Last year it was 110% and hence the magic of the dancing droplets.


We reached Kulem at around 10.30.It was a small idyllic  Goan town untouched by the tourism mafia.It dint  strike me that it was Aug 15th, Independence day.It was Raghas idea of getting a tricolour with us.That was the first time i held a tricolour in my life. We started trekking along the Railway track.  Greif laden dark clouds were hanging above us wanting to burst into tears.


Bishu and me spotted a small virgin falls .We just got into the stream and waded through knee deep water to deflower the virgin falls.By the time the dark clouds had burst into a rain.I ran to cover my so called water resistant bag and wore my so called water resistant jacket.But the sad fact is that both were very hospitable to the rain letting in water and wetting everything. By the time i realised it , Peter offered me a yellow  raincoat.

And thus yellow joined the league of green, greenish green, red, blue, and greenish blue of the landscape


49/400    Milestone  at  Kulem Station        (distance of 10 KM)

39/600    Milestone at  Dudhsagar

We had Chappati + MTR side dishes without heating  at Sonaulim station.Dudhsagar is 3kms from Sonaulim. After walking for some distance i could hear a distant roar.The top part of the falls popped out from behind the vegetation.The roar accompanied me along the track.Now i could see the entire falls along with the bridge.

“It was like a bunch of silk threads getting into the hole of the sewing needle”


After crossing the water curtains of the twin tunnels we reached the falls .I stood before the falls and froze the moments with my camera.Unlike last year i was happy that we can get below the bridge and take a look at the hidden part of the falls.We started to pitch our tents in the dilapilated building  opposite the falls (where we had camped last year) it was littered with more liquor bottles.There were traces of exploitation around the falls. Mounds of plastic and liquor bottles


“So one more daughter of nature has been raped repeatedly by my dear alcohol in the blood people”

If trains do not stop there then there are possibilities of saving her.I think next year there will be shops all along the tracks.I have decided never to visit her again.Slept at 10 pm.I was woken up by the thundering cacophony of engines then and now.

16th August 09

Got up at 6 pm.In all my treks early morning scenes have been the most breadth taking and have stayed with me. So i armed with my cam went towards the falls.

“The night had left the mountains wet and had draped it with a misty white cloth.The white cloth started to disintegrate and move in the direction of the wind in the morning to allow the sunlight to crawl over the mountains.It was like a woman’s hair strands sliding from the contours of her face and revealing the symmetry divided by her nose, depression in the chin and lips.”


Some mist was still hanging over the falls and the spray of the falls had added some whiteness to it.I got down the bridge. Madhukar ,madhu ,Bishu were already there below the curve of the bridge taking snaps.The minutest water particles were hitting on us from all directions .


“We were caught in the swirl of the water particles dancing in the air “

Then we strolled towards the dudhsagar station along with Ragha, Rashmi , Chetan. We encountered a lot rapists along the way who were excited about raping Dudhsagar.We crossed the tunnel .The old stone DDS station was eyecatching because of the (Greyish brown+green) combo.Madhu with his Canon 50d was doing wonders there.I went behind the station the view was seducing.The silhouette of a black tree against the haunting landscape.


We enquired the train timings at Dudhsagar station and we decided to come back there with everyone and board the first train (Poona Express) to Kulem.

We reached Kulem railway station at around 11 am and rushed to take a plunge at the nearby river.The wild river was at the entrance of Mahavir national park.I covered my bag with yellow raincoat and undressed.As soon as i got into the river,the sky opened up with a downpour.

Woooooooooow  …….What a moment it was for my senses

EAR-The sound of rain + sound of flowing river+ sound of rain droplets kissing the river

SKIN-The feeling of being in the water + rain droplets caressing it

EYES- Millions of depressions created by the falling rain drops on the surface of the river making it porous.

Nose- My sinusitis fear made me jump out of water and dry myself


We had to board the train back to Bangalore at Kulem station by 4.30 pm.The train arrived and our compartment was right next to the Engines which will be hauling the train from behind.Karthick and others had struck up a conversation with one of the railway employee who was travelling in the engine.I asked him whether i can get into the engine.He told its not possible.So i sat next to the door along with Ragha.I kept looking at the employee and whenever the train stopped i asked him in sign language whether i can hop into the engine but in vain.

Taken from the engine

Taken from the engine

At Caranzol station when the train stopped he suddenly asked us to get into the engine.It was great to travel in the engine.Myself and Ragha were photographing every possible thing inside the engine. We got some great views of the mist covered landscape.But he asked us to get down at Castle rock.At Londa the train stopped for more than 3 hours as the train we had come was heading to Hyderabad and our compartments will be attached to some other train.We tasted all possible things in Londa (bhel was the best of all) .The train started and with a heavy heart and eyes i went to sleep.Train reached Bangalore next morning and i got sucked again into the material world.


My Relationship with a cloud

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A lonely white cloud was hanging in the canvas of the horizon few hours from the birth of the day. I came out of my home after a subconscious journey called sleep and ready for a selfish materialistic journey called Career.

My mind was clear like the days’s sky devoid of  clouds except for the lonely cloud starring at the vast expanse  of space looking  for some meaning  for existence.


The sun’s rays had a unobstructed peaceful journey painting the earth with a infant yellow. The yellow gets adulterated with the red and green  of earth and the blue of the sky. Illuminating the shy lonely cloud with backlight which transformed the cloud into a jewelled bride.

The golden smoke caught the attention of my eyes. The cloud was trying to befriend me. I ignored the gaze and got into the bus. The fast paced world seemed faster when i looked out of the window .Seeking refuge from the cruel world  lifted my head towards the still sky. There was not much activity. I wanted to be a bird crisscrossing the blue expanse and look down mockingly at the mayhem below.

Then i saw the clenched fist shaped cloud, which had moved away from the horizon. Is it following me?   It was like the cloud was speaking to me. I wanted to listen bored of communicating with the unreliable humans. The cloud has changed its form unclenching its fists intuiting my yearning for peace.

Pure love is hard to find nowadays. I can see the innocence in the cloud’s whiteness. Cloud was like a woman who has still preserved the innocence of a girl. The excited cloud was moving  performing a dance form whose meaning i couldn’t decipher. It changed form from a unclenched fist to a winged bird, maybe  a metaphor for getting released from the clutches of a closed mind.

I was not sure.


After travelling for a distance the cloud which had kept its pace with the bus slowed down a bit.And i could sense the panic.I could notice that the clear sky was sprinkled with small clouds with a dark shade to it.

The cloud has lost its solitude

Slowly more clouds with a evil black shade came into the playground . The white cloud has made up its mind and it started racing in symphony with the bus. In the process of which it collided with the other black clouds. The bruised black cloud kept its pace.

The white cloud was in the form of a duck bending into the water looking for fish. It wanted to communicate something to me. Maybe calling for help, but i was helpless. The bus climbed over a hillock and i could see dark monsoon clouds were piling up at the horizon .I wanted the cloud to move in the opposite direction. But i realised that if it goes against the wind it will be blown into pieces.

I wanted to save my travel companion. But i know how insignificant i am before nature. My heart pumped blood at a faster rate. The bus came to a standstill. By the time the villainous clouds have high jacked the sun. It was becoming dark. I got out of the bus and got into the office campus. I was maintaining eye contact with the cloud.

I know the fate of the cloud. It stopped and was having the last laugh. Fast moving dark clouds had already encircled the white cloud. For the first time in my life, i saw a cold blooded death. The dark clouds devoured the virginal innocent white cloud.

It was a sad spectacle. I could hear the sound of rain drops smashing on the ground. I stood there wondering which of the rain drops is the messenger of the white cloud. It might have sent a message to me. I had to move on and plunge into the practicality of life which has already eroded away the essence of my life.

But i can never forget the white cloud

That was the shortest non cynical emotional relationship i ever had and will ever have.


Eternal Questions & My Answers

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  • What is life?

Life is like a breeze that rustles the leaves in its path.It comes in and goes out leaving glowing memories in people.

(Breeze that rustles the Leaves:- Making an impact on the people who we meet in our life journey)


  • What is death?

Its the final breadth taken by the soul which has the final glimpse of the instance of life , and love which made all the instances of life seem eternal. Its the final moment of worship of the feeling called Love which has made existence joyfull and timeless.


  • What is Time?

Time is like a minutes laden wind that crashes upon man. The passing minutes leave behind their footprints in the form of memories. Happiness and love makes us forget time. Agony makes us realise every passing minute with pain.


  • What is GOD?

Unknown is aptly labelled as God. God is the confidence building measure taken by man before facing the unknown.



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Emotions are like waves which spreads over the conscious shore  arising from the sub conscious ocean  washing  away logic. Logic dies a violent death in front of emotions and feelings. Concious self is clouded with emotions. When the conscious self gets over clouded then it rains emotions. Emotions are form less which is given form by expressions. After an emotional  outburst , the clouds over the conscious self move away and  logic takes over our brain. Going by logic is light. It makes the heart lighter and pumps  blood normally.


But though i am a rationalist , who worships reason i some times get overwhelmed by emotions. I don’t know why its happening. Often my brain and heart are being hijacked by emotions. Its difficult to regain reason and logic once my soul is completely immersed in emotions. I gasp for breath. I realise that i have two selfs one is emotional and logical. Emotions bring out the actor in me. I cry, laugh ,smile,amaze . My facial muscles give form to my emotions which is like water coming out of a eternal spring shaped by the rock at the mouth of the spring .


Practicality pulls me back to logic. Its like waking up from a dream. I am a romantic who wants to dwell in my own imagination and emotions unwilling to part with them. The body and soul are connected by emotions. Logic disconnects body and soul.


Logic is for materialists.Pure love is the fuel for  Romantics .

Rainy Season

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The wind which blows before the rain scatters the girl’s black hair towards the sky

The same wind fecilitates the congregation of black clouds

It carresses her face and refreshes her senses


As how you will never know the exact moment you fell in love

you will never know the first raindroplet that kissed earth

It leads the mass suicide of droplets


The droplets sacrifice their short lives to create a stream

which paves the way for the paper boats, the kids are joyous

their laughter of joy reaches the ears of mother nature .

She is happy, the rain stops


Leaves save some of the droplets which are encrusted in it

The droplets wait for the sun’s rays to enlighten them

They glitter with pride and die peace fully cremated by the sun

Earth is waiting for the next onslaught of kisses wetting it in the process